About Us

Mango Rain

Mango Rain was established in 2009 with a focus on Brand Activation and Event Management. Mango Rain operates under the local joint-venture partnership of registered company Nupts Such (Cambodia) Pte Ltd which has a parent company – Nupts Such Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

The Team

Managed by Eileen Lui, who has 18 years in the advertising industry with regional experiences in Malaysia, Australia, Cambodia and Vietnam, the small but powerful team is fully local – to ensure that you are not left behind with the local insights. The team has been with Eileen for more than a year and have been personally trained by her to achieve the same corporate goals and vision.

Our Vision

Aside from corporate goals and achievements, our vision is to empower the youth of Cambodia to take charge of their lives and learn and do something better for their future. At Mango Rain, we believe in cultivating quality in young people – because only with this team of quality people, are we able to ensure your brand receives the best.