Brand Activation

Brand ActivationWe believe and understand how crucial it is for a brand, in today’s saturated market to create and build good relationship with consumers. Brand Experiences often helps stimulate consumers’ interest, trial and loyalty. This consumer-buying process is essentially important to your brand.

We believe that every idea needs to be developed with brand and consumer relevance in mind. Therefore, we believe in customizing our brand activation programmes for our clients.

Why Brand Activation?

Generally, consumers filter information means that they are confronted with. Information that is irrelevant falls on deaf ears.

● Experiences are CONVINCING! By creating positive experiences, the information becomes RELEVANT

Our Brand Activation Team

We have 250 brand activators exclusively signed to Mango Rain in the Phnom Penh capital and 100 brand activators in Siem Reap. We have also just finalized our recruitment for Kampong Som, Kampong Cham, Pursat and Battambang.

These mix of males females have gone through a stringent selection process which basic criteria includes :

● Dynamic and confident personalities
● Good communication skills

All our Brand Activators attend free training at our Mango Rain’s premises, in line with our company’s vision. They are put through an intensive training programme – which is continuously upgraded to meet the changes of the market environment – which trains them in :

● Understanding the basic concepts of Marketing Communications
● Understanding Brand Activation and the importance of sharing positive brand experiences
● Communication Skills
● Development of Creative Ideas
Our Brand Activators

They come in 3 categories :

● Category A
● Category B
● Category C

Please call us for an appointment to view our Brand Activators’ File

Local Insights and Coverage

We had done all our research into locations and we know the geographical, demographical and psychographical areas in the capital and the provinces that we cover like the back of our palm.

Please call us for an appointment to view our Area by Area Target Brand Activation Locations

Our Deliverables to Clients

Standard Post-Brand Activation Report

● Daily / Weekly / Monthly
● Locations covered and no. of targets hit
● Target Misses and WHY
● Stock Report (for sampling / leaflet distribution / hand-outs / etc..)

Additional Post-Brand Activation Report (additional fee incurred and depends on relevance of project)

● Summary of Target Responses (Qualitative)
● Brand Interest / Trial / Loyalty Analysis (based on activation database targets)
● Other reports can also be customized based on relevance of project / client’s requirements

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